A class by and with Walter Luebeck
Everybody can do it! - Guaranteed! Taught since more than 20 years all over the world!

This unique class teaches how to do real Aura-/ Chakrareadings, even in color! And how to understand and apply practically what you read!

A unique approach to Aura-/Chakrareading

I developed Aura-/Chakrareading during the end of the 1980s. Since the beginning of the 1990s I teach this class now - not only in Germany but in nearly a dozen of countries all around the world.

Aura-/Chakrareading by Walter Luebeck really works! - It´s proven all over the world since the late 1980s!

The class Aura-/Chakrareading is proven more than a hundred times to empower everybody to read the auras and the chakras. To find out which main chakra works best related to a certain topic, which one is least able to handle a topic. Which main chakra needs to learn most related to a topic, which one needs most healing related to a topic. Which colors are in which chakra. And much more.

The students read each other in the class and make proof to be able to use their psychic senses well!

Additionally you will learn in a very practical way about the meanings of your readings which you will start to perform the very first day in the class.

We will also cover the reading of the fields of the aura, of course.

An initiation into Aura-/Chakrareading gives the students the best start!

The students will be initiated to enable them to read the subtle energy fields.

Then I explain how the reading techniques work. Afterwards the students read each other. I will then explain the meaning of several readings. So everybody can make proof that the technique works and is practically appliable.

Along the way the students will receive profound teachings about the functions of the most important fields of aura (astral, emotional, mental, spiritual) and the main chakras. Additionally we will cover even the secondary chakras.

Understanding your Aura-/Chakrareadings - integrating the results of your readings into Spiritual Counseling session!

We will share insights about the yin- and the yang-sequences of the main chakras as well as the earth, human beings and spiritual sequences of the main chakras.

A unique feature of this class are the teachings about the relationship of the chakras and the astrological starsigns and houses and the relationship of the main chakras to different phases in the life of a human being. But there is no astrological background necessary as a prerequisite.

Become a spiritual inspired artist - You learn how to do healing paintings of the chakras

The students will be taught how to do spiritual chakra-healing-paintings and how to use them.

Besides learning this great method which enables every student to do energy diagnostics which are very useful for any kind of counseling, Reiki and other psychic healing sessions, there are a lot of profound teachings about efficient spiritual counseling and much healing for every participant.

Open all your senses to the world of light!

This class comes with a manual and certificate in english language.