Meeting the Angels

Meeting the Angels

The first experience with angels I had at the age of 2 and a half years.

I was playing n the sandbox, looked up and thee was this tall angel looking at my with a friendly smile. 

From that time on I understood about the reality of the spiritual world. But it took another 25 years until I accepted my vocation and started to work as a spiritual healer and teacher. Since this time I guide my students safely to the beings of light.

Living and working together with the angels will fill your life with the missing gap from which the whole world suffers in our times - the experience of the divine!


There are two classes about angel wisdom and energy work

in my White Feather Shamanic School®...

- Meeting with the Angels (Basics - no requirements - come as you are)

-  Meeting with the Angels - The Crystal Path (Advanced - requires the class "Meeting with the Angels Basics)


Meeting with the Angels - The Instructor Training

There is an instructor training available for both classes. Requirements: Visiting two times both of the Meeting with the Angels classes and passing a written and oral test. 

Please contact me for details: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.