Rainbow Channelling

Rainbow Channelling

A very special class by and with Walter Lübeck, Grandmaster of the White Feather Shamanic School® 

The class Rainbow Channelling will provide you with THREE well proven methods of spiritual channelling – which means: „To lent your voice to an angel or another divine being and to allow it to heal through you“.

By doing so, deep wisdom and spiritual healing energies are brought into this world by a channel medium.

Energetically cleansing with the Vortex of Light

Also, you will learn a special energetic vortex exercise, which enables you to cleanse yourself of all negative qualities. So you will be well prepared to let an angel counsel a client through you!

Rainbow Channelling is perfectly safe and everybody can learn it. It is proven all over the world since the early 90s!

Getting into close contact to Divine Beings by using ancient Lemurian mantras.

Some ancient Lemurian mantras which you will receive through initiation will makes it very easy for you to get into contact with divine beings. This sounds too good to be true? Well, I do Rainbow Channelling since about 25 years.I use it always when I give counsellings and classes of all kinds.  I taught it to thousands of students all around the world – and I will help you to do Rainbow Channellig too!

The Rainbow Channelling initiations empower you with unique spiritual abilities.

The students will receive an introduction into the topic. Then they will be initiated – and right afterwards the Rainbow Channelling starts. Each students will give and receive several Rainbow Channelling sessions during this seminar.

So every participant knows exactly what to to and has proven several times that Rainbow Channellig works for her or him.

This class comes with an english manual and a certificate.