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Rainbow Reiki has been developed by Walter Lübeck since the end of the 80´s on the fundamentals of Traditional Usui Reiki. Walter Luebeck Rainbow Reiki Spiritual HealingWorldwide in-depth research about Reiki, Shamanism, Meditation, Human Psychology, Holistic Communication Sciences and Healing Body Work had been put together to a modern spiritual path, deep rooted in ancient, timeless wisdom. Additionally the past life memories of Walter Lübeck contributed many treasures of divine healing from the spiritual tradition of the the lost continent Lemuria.

Rainbow Reiki is a complete Spiritual School. There are more then 20 classes of Rainbow Reiki which provide spiritual healers with all they ever dreamt of! Rainbow Reiki is taught by experienced teachers all around the world. The term !Rainbow Reiki" is a Registered Trademark in all countries of the EU.

The past life memories of Walter Lübeck, the founder (Grandmaster & Lineagebearer) of the system ads much to Traditional Usui Reiki, which is the fundamental of Rainbow Reiki. So, a 1. degree Rainbow Reiki class also covers the 1. degree of Traditional Usui Reiki - but goes far beyond that! A ell trained master/teacher of Traditional Usui Reiki will learn about 95 % new and very efficient things about healing with Reiki.

Walter Lübeck is an expert in Traditional Usui Reiki. His lineage is: Usui - Hayashi - Takata - Furumoto - Brigitte Müller.

He travelled Japan, India, Hongkong and Bali in search for the roots of Usui Reiki and wrote several books about the fascinating heritage of Mikao Usui. These books are translated to more then 20 languages. 

Rainbow Reiki offers several classes to empower psychic healers with everything they need to support themselves, their families, friends and client with 1. class Rainbow Reiki healing techniques and methods, proven since more then two decades.

There are three master degrees in Rainbow Reiki called 1. Dan, 2. Dan and 3. Dan.

- A 1. Dan Rainbow Reiki Master/ Teachers can teach the following classes with initiations, mantras and symbols (Usui & Lemurian): 1. degree of Rainbow Reiki (including 1. degree of Traditional Usui Reiki); 2. degree of Rainbow Reiki (including 2. degree of Traditional Usui Reiki); Rainbow Reiki Healing of Parents & Children Relationship; Rainbow Reiki Healing of Loving Relationship; Rainbow Reiki Success & Vocation. Sometimes 1. Dan Masters receive a special training for the teacher degree of other Rainbow Reiki classes.

- A 2. Dan Rainbow Reiki Master/ Teacher can teach additionally to the program of the 1. Dan the following classes with initiations, mantras and symbols (Lemurian & Usui): Rainbow Reiki Working with the Body of Light; Rainbow Reiki Astrotherapy; Rainbow Reiki Practitioner 1; Rainbow Reiki Practitioner 2; Rainbow Reiki Advanced Metaphysical Healing. A 2. Dan Rainbow Reiki Master/ Teacher can give a 1. Dan Rainbow Reiki training with initiations with the exception of the class "Secrets of Traditional Usui Reiki Symbols & Spiritual Japanese Calligraphy" which is exclusively given by Mark Hosak & Walter Lübeck together. Sometimes Rainbow Reiki Masters of the 2. Dan receive a special training for additional teacher degrees for other Rainbow Reiki classes. 

- A 3. Dan Rainbow Reiki Master/ Teacher can teach additionally to the program of the 2. Dan the following classes: Rainbow Reiki Essences & Elixiers; Rainbow Reiki Feng Shui; Rainbow Reiki Dainichi Nyorai Ki-Do; Rainbow Reiki- The Mystical Path; Rainbow Reiki Loving Relationship Training; Rainbow Reiki Meditation. A 3. Dan Rainbow Reik Master can teach the complete system of Rainbow Reiki up to the 3. Dan level.

Besides the above mentioned classes there are dozens of teaching videos, several initiation trainings, personal coaching sessions, internal classes for Rainbow Reiki 3. Dan Masters and tests which are part of the Rainbow Reiki School. 

Additionally to Walter Lübeck, the founder of the system, there are at present four Grandmasters (3. Dan Master/ Teachers of Rainbow Reiki & Master/ Teachers of Traditional Usui Reiki) which have been trained by Walter Lübeck to be able to pass on the complete system of Rainbow Reiki: Mark Hosak (teaches in German, English and Japanese language); Ingo Schröder (teaches in German language); Herwig Steinhuber (teaches in German and English language); Paul-Esben Wanvig (teaches in German; English and Norwegian language).

If you want to know dates & locations of Rainbow Reiki classes with Walter Lübeck, please contact the office of he Reiki-Do Institute International...

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