Spiritual Counselling

Walter Lübeck - Spiritual Counseling at its best

Since 1989!

In my understanding, Spiritual counseling is an instrument to create a better life, a life filled to the max with divine energy, wisdom, success and love.

Each and every counseling is unique. There are no two people who are the same. 


People are individual - and so is my approach to Spiritual Counseling

So I do not use much "standard procedures".

Most oft the methods I apply within a counseling session I developed myself.

Examples: Aura-/Chakrareading; Rainbow Channelling (Guardian Angel; Guides; Archangels; Ascended Masters; Deities; Medicine Animals); Akashicrecord readings; Chakra-Energy-Cards; Rainbow Feng Shui; Clairvoyancy; Precognition; Remote Viewing; Astral Travelling.

Several other methods I studied intensely over several decades.

Examples: Astrology; I Ching; Runes; Dowsing/Pendulum; Numerology

Additionally to the above mentioned tools of Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) I use several Methods of Psychic Healing.

Examples: Rainbow Reiki and Traditional Usui Reiki; Healing Rituals of the White Feather Shamanic School; Crystal Healing; a variety of different methods of Psychic Healing from all over the world. Quantum Healing; Mantras; Mudras.

Since more than 25 years I study and apply Spiritual NLP as a means to communicate in the best possible way and to support my clients in enhancing their communication processes.


My toolbox is well equipped - I use only what is best for your specific issue

When you book a Spiritual Counseling session with me, I will pick the most useful methods for you out of my toolbox. Because efficiency is the measurement of truth.

The guidelines for my work as a Spiritual Counselor are, to support love, personal responsibility and consciousness.

I work with single people, give Spiritual Counseling for loving relationships, families but also companies and teams.

Also, I help people to understand their pets (Animal Communication) and to support animals with Psychic Healing.


A Spiritual Counseling session with me

What happens, within a counseling session with me?

Step 1: I like to know the nature of your issue and what kind of solution would make you happy.

Step 2: With different methods of Extrasensory Perception I find out what goes wrong seen from a spiritual point of view.

Step 3: I explain the individual solution for your issue and recommend things that will support the process of developing out of the problem.

Step 4: With different methods of Psychic Healing I will support your learning process that will guide you safely out of the issue and into a better life.


Spiritual Counseling with Walter Lübeck - The underlying philosophy

The underlying idea of my Spiritual Counseling is to start and maintain a learning process within the client which will reduce the attraction of the issues he or she wants to solve.

According to spiritual wisdom a healing is only complete when someone has managed to harmonize the subconscious attraction of disharmonies.

Each and everyone is meant to have a happy, healthy life and live in abundance. The more a persons understands and accepts his or her true self, given from the divine, the better the life will be. 

Life has its challenges for everyone - but we have the choice to enjoy dancing with them, learning from them and using them to bring out the best of what we are or suffering from them. 


Where you can meet me for a Spiritual Counsellng session

I give Spiritual Counseling sessions in my Rainbow Center, Kaiserstr. 59, Hameln (Germany), but also all around the world related to classes I give. Also sessions can be done by SKYPE, phone or email.

About money: I charge 160,- USD outside Europe and 160,- EUR inside of the EU per hour for counseling single people, couples and families. Rates for Business counseling of any kind on request.


Contact me to find your way to harmony...

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