The White Feather Shamanic School

The White Feather Shamanic School


The Path of White Feather Shamanism

Shamanism is the most ancient and archaic way of healing.  

A shaman (“the one who knows” as translated from an ancient Siberian language) is always initiated by Mother Earth, the Great Goddess, which is known by many names all over the world.  Some of them are: Devi, Shakti, Freya, Ishtar, Isis, and Astarte or Cybele.  Because of this, shamanism is based on highest female spiritual energies. It is Earth-Healing in its purest sense.  

A shaman is a healer (man or woman are both called „shaman“) who helps people understand and respect nature around and inside of them.  A shaman builds bridges between the material world, the astral underworld and the etheric realms of the sky.  The shaman teaches people how to live according to their spiritual heritage by joining other beings as brothers and sisters and together creating once again a paradise where human beings and angels walk hand in hand. 

The essential healing power of a shaman is love.

The main tool is the ability to change the state of consciousness at will to reach out to and communicate with all beings: Angels, medicine animals, plant spirits, dead beings, trees and other plants, crystals and rocks, buildings and animals, humans and the parts of their souls.

The shaman is a social, psychological, medical and spiritual healer. In ancient times there were no doctors and no hospitals – so the shaman had to provide all these services to the tribe. Today, the situation is different. This is the reason why modern shamans mainly focus on spiritual and sometimes psychological healings, which of course have many beneficial effects on all kinds of illnesses, but is neglected almost completely by western medicine.

The White Feather path has its roots in the spiritual traditions of the lost continent Lemuria or Mu.

The many big and small islands of Mu together with the highly developed culture which dwelled there, was drowned in the Pacific Ocean about 12,000 years ago due to a worldwide catastrophe. A large group of meteorites came down on the planet earth and created a global cataclysm.  

I remember many of my past lives. From these memories I get most of the energy work and wisdom I teach.  The White Feather shamanism also includes other sources which I integrated or founded based on my many lives as a healer and high priest of the Great Goddess. Shamanism is always integrating useful things most effectively – but it always preserves its core: the love and light of the Goddess, given by Her as a blessing to each shaman who is just and rightful. 

You will find several well known ingredients in the teachings presented in this class - but they are used in very different ways by practitioners of the White Feather path.

To differentiate shamanism from Wicca and Natural Magic paths and traditions, it is necessary to understand that a shaman after having learnt the basics of the Craft, similar or identical in many ways to Wicca or Natural Magic traditions, needs to develop her or his own methods of magic within the tradition he or she is initiated.  This is always done by working together with a shamanic master and the Teachers of Angels of the tradition.  

Also, extremely important are the following topics: 

The spiritual personal development

The opening of one’s heart to real love

The decision to work for the good of all creation

To honor the body as a temple of the divine soul 

To stick to the law of giving and receiving in a fair and natural way.  Also lookup the meaning of the rune „Gebo“ to learn more about this principle.

Only this enables a shaman to have access to real magical power.  This power is guarded by Beings of Light and based on pure love!

By travelling the shamanic upper world, you will contact your higher self, spiritual guides and divine beings.  You will have access to deep wisdom and are invited to work together with spiritual beings who reside in the Upper World like archangels and deities. This is a good place to get what you need to promote personality development. 

With astral journeys to the shamanic underworld you are able to change the ways of individual lives to the better, to promote healing and personality development. Also, the shamanic underworld and the beings of light dwelling there can help you to build powerful shamanic tools like amulets and magic wands. 

The spiritual philosophy of the White Feather path

There are no specific deities related to the White Feather path other than the Great Goddess. But we honor all deities and, if needed, work closely with them. All deities and spiritual beings support the White Feather path.

The White Feather tradition is completely positive. Therefore, we don’t curse anyone, only do defensive magic and only use spells with a positive intent, as seen in the following sentence: “May this work to the highest best of everyone involved!”

The three main spiritual principles that guide the students of the White Feather path: 




Personal Responsibility

When these have been integrated, they produce these two secondary principles:

Spiritual kind of relationships/true communication

Spiritual power


When these have been integrated, they produce the core principle:


The Personal Spiritual Vision 

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