Three Rays Meditation

The ancient tradition of Three-Rays-Meditation

True meditation - true spiritual healing - a path to enlightenment & spiritual realization you can walk

Imagine to do real meditation instantly! Even if you never had tried it before - or you have so often tried it in vain!

Imagine to do true meditation and at the same time get deep spiritual healing directly from the divine source.This is Three-Rays-Meditation!

Three-Rays-Meditation classes are taught in several countries by Grandmaster Walter Lübeck and a group of experienced teachers who have been trained by him. 

The Great Goddess, the Great God and the Creator are the spiritual guardians of the Three-Rays-Meditation. They bless the students of Three-Rays-Meditation with with the Three Rays which cause deep relaxation, true meditation and fascinating opportunities of spiritual healing. 

Also the archangels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Metatron and Uriel are important spiritual teachers for students who study the Tradition of Three-Rays-Meditation

TRM is a system of three basic grades, called...

"Kanseya Sotiran" - cleansing and healing the 2. chakra and related issues,

"Kanseya Shay´nar" - cleansing and healing the heart chakra, forgiving and allowing to let more and more love flow;  

"Kanseya So Ti Ran" - Opening, cleansing and healing the mystic realm of the 3.Eye chakra, promoting enlightenment and true spiritual realization.

Then there are another 11 grades of initiation and two grades of wisdom.

The system of Three-Rays-Meditation has been remembered by Walter Lübeck from past lives as a spiritually realizes teacher, haler and high priest of the Great Goddess in ancient Lemuria.  

The TRM is a spiritual tradition which has it´s origin in the lost continent Lemuria. After the civilization of Lemuria has been destroyed by a great cosmic catastrophy, the Three-Rays-Meditation came over India, Sumer and Babylon to the Mediterranean Sea. During the medieval ages it arrived to the southern part of France, the Provence. There it was taught over some centuries but then the inquisition of the christian church destroyed it´s temples. I practiced this spiritual path in Lemuria and also in other times and incarnations. At a certain stage of my spiritual development I got the knowledge back from my Akasha records where it had been stored and waited to be activated at the right time when I was ready to teach this deep wisdom again. 

Three-Rays-Meditation is true Spiritual Alchemy. The four elements and the spiritual qualities of male, female and the source of life are invited for healing body and mind, experiencing mystical states of consciousness, spiritual personal development and the systematical development of spiritual talents. With the help provided by these tools, the Body of Light can be build up and stable states of enlightenment as well as true spiritual realization can be reached. 

All classes about Three-Rays-Meditation come with manuals and certificates. 

There are no prerequisites for the three Kanseya classes. Everybody can sign up.

For the class "Three-Rays-Meditation 1 - Shandi", as a prerequisite at least one of the three Kanseya classes is necessary.